Full time 0.50/hour - Creative writer / Virtual Assistant

Full time 0.50/hour - Creative writer / Virtual Assistant


Job Description

This is 20-50 hour a week assignment doing creative writing and other virtual assistant tasks of all sorts. One of the highlights is that you will receive several weeks of paid training. (At the end of this description, there is a phrase that I would like you to add to your application. If you do not add it you will not be considered)

I'm looking for someone who
1. Has experience with Youtube both watching videos and with maintaining a Youtube account.

2. Is familiar with American pop culture: movies, music, television, etc. and would like to work in the entertainment industry making creative work.

3. Understands keyword research and has basic social media skills

4. Has a very strong understanding and fluency in written English. Demonstration of your fluency in English is critical in your cover letter.

5. Is highly adaptable and willing to do all sorts of different types of work and learn new things.

I'd like you to add "I'm really excited for this creative position" to your cover letter.

This will be a stable long term position with room for growth for candidates that are interested and prove themselves. You will be given free, paid training to increase your skills during employment.

I would like to groom all of the applicants to become managers with our company over time after study.

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