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Job Description

Do you know Cafepress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt? Have you ever used woocommerce on wordpress? How about SEO?

I have a local t-shirt printing shop that want to bring some of the designs I have to a bigger audience. I need someone to upload designs and put in the details into Cafepress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt. They also need to be put on my new website. Descriptions, keywords and other SEO information added when you set the images up at each of these sites.

Ideally the person that would do this job would be able to upload the image and enter the information for 1 design at each of these sites in 1-2 hours. My budget is limited as this is the down season for my brick and mortar location. I also want to spread out the designs over time to get better search engine rankings. as a result I will be wanting 2-6 hours a week from someone. I may be able to use you more hours if your are good, quick and the hourly rate is lower.

Please let me know if you have used Cafepress, Zazzle and Spreadshirt. If you own your own shop on any of these provide a link to it. If you have done this type of work for someone else tell me this as well. Also please let me know if you are familiar with woocommerce and how you have used it.

Please let me how long you have used any of these sites as well.

Finally to eliminate auto responses to this post, I ask you to write the following as the first sentence to your response to this ad. The words you will write are "I love wearing t-shirts."

Skills: marketing