Voice Talent - Male with 'international/neutral' accent

Voice Talent - Male with 'international/neutral' accent


Job Description

Hi there:

I have a video for 4mins that has a British accent that I need to change over to neutral international. It is like for a product demonstration voice over to power point slides for the web.

So this is for corporate - narrative style.

I think a male voice would suit, but I have ongoing work which could be either.

I need at least a neutral international accent - not aussie slang, not British, not southern American. Does that make sense?

Please apply if you have time to do this job within the next 7 days.

Please supply link to your voice samples, if they're not in your profile already.

For this contract you will agree to assign rights to use the content to us, without rights to any further payment e.g. no ongoing royalties And frankly, it's an IT product, so you shouldn't be too worried about that - it's not going to appear on radio or TV.