Matlab model and simulink design Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Matlab model and simulink design Using Fuzzy Logic Controller


Job Description


1. System of (3) sub-systems related together with Fuzzy Logic specifications. Each subsystem has several inputs and several outputs.

2. This is an application interface design that allows the user to input the requested data, some of which will be used in subsequent calculations, and others will be used to research existing data base for intermediate results

3. Mathematical Modelling of system of systems and each subsystem with above specifications

3. Finding function of above system (Relating function with Mathematical Model of sub-systems)

4. Matlab simulation of all controllers.( P,PI,PID,FUZZY,FUZZY PI, FUZZY PD,FUZZY PID)
- Explanation of Responses all controllers ... etc.
- Superimposing all responses
- Fuzzy logic controller –Programming-Explanation
- In simulation Axes names –what should be taken and why
- What is tunning PI,PID.
It is needed to explain/relate mathematical model and simulation.

5.Very specific and exact output –which controller (FUZZY,FUZZY PI,FUZZY PD ,FUZZY PID) has best results ? And why?
Output should be for speed, speed control(?), accurate speed controller(How much accuracy in percentage),

6.State of art to be studied and accordingly incorporate it in project.

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