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Wordpress Plugin


Job Description


We need to find a developer that can help us create Wordpress plugin. If you have experience working with other big sites as well, please let us know.

Please list plugins you've created and URL/info.

The plugin will work with our RESTAPI (built on Ruby On Rails) and we will provide all API Calls.

We will also provide all Designs and you just have to make the site dynamic.

We will share more info later but the plugin should be able to:
- be implemented as a module/plugin
- collect certain data
- give back stats to wordpress user (basic admin stats)

Those are they key pages.

We also need the developer to sign the following agreements:
- Non Disclosure Agreement
- Non Compete Agreement
- Proprietary Intellectual Property Agreement.

Will be send via PDF.

Please state your hourly rate + how long you expect to finish this. (rough estimate) and if you are able to deliver this same product for other sites.

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