CSS / Jquery / HTML coder for squarespace webpage

CSS / Jquery / HTML coder for squarespace webpage


Job Description

Job is simple. I am already using Squarespace as the foundation of the website. What is needed is:

A code injection to adjust the "blog page" dimensions independently from the rest of the website.

Menu Cool slider banner code injection for the "blog page."

This is the current site: https://airdailyx.squarespace.com/daily-news-blog/

I want it to look pretty much like this format with slider above: http://airdailyx.blogspot.com/

And the slider used: http://www.menucool.com/

This should not be a very difficult job. We are only working with 1 webpage.

Basically, the default tools are too simplistic to fix the page to my preferences thus, a code is needed.