Portech MV374 Interface Programming via AT Commands

Portech MV374 Interface Programming via AT Commands


Job Description

Hi People,

We have a sms gateway device built by Portech model numbers MV374/MV370.

I need someone that has experience in programming these devices to send SMSs via the AT command feature. We have created some code to do this but it has problems;

1) Very slow sends 1 message /minute
2) sends out all the $ @ signs as the wrong characters so somthing funny going on with the ASCII set.
3) need to be able to read the incomming messages.
4)if we send more than message it is sent as two seperate messages and when you recieve it you your phone doesnt paste it together youi might get the end of the message then the start and it doesnt make sense!
5)(optional) have our company name come up as the sender not the mobile number
6)The program that sends sms currently is a application we need to make it run like a service. my current programmer does not know how to do this.

The software has been written in visual basic 2010.

Details of the device including manuals, AT Command Reference etc.


I also have an application written buy the manufacturer to communicate with the device and send sms messages. I have the source code for this application in C.