Time-Card Android Application and Desktop Application

Time-Card Android Application and Desktop Application


Job Description

I am searching for an experienced Android and Windows Desktop Application Developer, with a strong command of the English Language. I am an Electrical Engineer with over 15 years’ experience in Microcontroller Programming as well as C++ Program development (light Java Development). However, my GUI Development skills do not satisfy the requirements of this project. Once I have received a quote and I have selected the individual to do this project, I will then develop a Detailed Specifications Document that will outline the required functionality of the Android App, server database, and Desktop Application.
This project requires the upmost success! I am creating it as a gift for my father's company! Pending upmost success of this project I am looking to employ an experienced individual/team for many projects in the most near future! Many clients who approach me for engineering work also request GUI Application development, of which I currently decline, however I will gladly accept this work if I have a partner/partners that I can rely on. Consider this project as a paid test to determine if we will have a most profitable future together. I am originally foreign and I gladly endorse working with individuals over the internet, etc.
This project requires collaboration via email and skype. I expect daily updates of your progress and I will be available throughout the entire development for any necessary questions to be answered.
After a working model (v01) is produced I would like to be walked through the software by sharing screens and by webcam for the Android App proof. You will then transfer me the source code of which I will compile on my computer and determine any necessary required updates. At this point I will transfer you a milestone payment ($). After all necessary updates have been made I will install the software for the Client (my father) on his system. After this I will award the remaining $ for the project. I ask you provide any necessary support for 3 months following the completion of the project, by doing so I will compensate you with a bonus!
I expect you to provide a fully operational system to be used daily for coming years!
As previously mentioned a continued partnership can be established and I can send much work ($$) your direction in the near future!
The attachment is the summary of my required Android and Desktop Applications. Please review the summary and provide a bid.
Include the following in your Bid/Quote:
-Entire Project Cost
-Amount of Time required to fully complete this project
-What language you plan to use for the development of the Desktop Application
-What database type you plan to use.

Skills: english, microcontroller, engineering, test, android-development, android-sdk

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