Data Mining & Entry

Data Mining & Entry


Job Description

Work will involve finding public information on the internet (i.e: doctor offices open on Sundays) and uploading the information on our website. Work will start with a specific category (i.e: doctor offices open on Sundays) in a specific location (i.e: Washington DC) with potential for ongoing work on other categories (i.e: dentist offices open on Sundays) in more locations (San Francisco, CA).

Specifically, your job would be mining the internet for birthday specials for restaurants in Washington DC, and uploading information to an excel spreadsheet. At first it will be a short job, probably less than a month. Depending on your efficiency, attention to detail, and creativity, I can bring you on for continued work. For example: Next you will upload more specials (happy hour specials) - Then possibly specials for all businesses, including massage parlors and nail salons - Then possibly to other cities - Then possibly you will be given an employee account username and password to upload the information directly to my website.

Most of the general information can be found on other websites such as and It should not be difficult, but what is very important is fluent (not broken) english text, efficiency, productivity, and attention to detail. All instructions will be provided, and I will be very accessible via email for questions and concerns. Applicants should use the word “XXX” as their first word in their response.

Skills: english