Mechanical HVAC Engineer - Australian Codes - Prepare Stair Pressurisation Summary


Job Description

Mechanical HVAC Engineer required to write a summary covering Stair Pressurisation requirements in buildings in Australia.

This document will be used as a reference point for a presentation to educate various stakeholders - especially those involved in HVAC / Mechanical construction in Australia.

The writer will need to comply with the NCC (previously BCA). The NCC states when stair pressurisation is required and then references AS1668.1. These 2 documents will be the reference point for the writer (in addition to any other documents deemed appropriate).

The main headings that I would like covered are:

1. When it is required.
2. What is it for.
3. Summary of testing requirements (required by code).
4. Sizing the supply fan
5. Sizing the relief fan (if and when required).
6. Locating the pressure sensors.
7. Anything else deemed important

Please respond with reference SP087 in your email and state your fixed price bid or hourly rate.

Please also confirm how long it will take from engagement.

Work will be ongoing (for different topics) for individuals who produce quality, on time.