Infographic / Mindmap

Infographic / Mindmap


Job Description

Job Description

I need a designer to create an eye-catching 1 page infograph / mindmap for a internal training session.

The infographic / mindmap should meet the following requirements:

1. The use analogy of map to communicate the central concept
2. Use a combination of icons and illustrations to communicate key concepts
3. Use a limited color palette of black, white and 2 others and have a hierarchy within the use of the color.

All supported files must be handed over, including .jpg, pdf, and original file

Contractor requirements

The contractor should have the following skills:

1. Strong previous experience in infographic designs or mindmaps
2. Ability to think creatively and simplify complex concepts into simple visual icons and maps.

How to apply

Please respond with a email that includes the following:

1. Examples of your work with Mindmaps/Infographics.
2. Your process of converting open requirements into designs
3. Some initial ideas on designs for this project

In addition, please submit a portfolio of your previous infographic work. Please describe what each design meant to accomplish.

About the company

I am an individual that summarizing the work of a management training course