US Based Recruiting Assistant

US Based Recruiting Assistant


Job Description

We are looking for a part-time recruiting assistant. You must live within the United States or Canada. Your job would be as follows:

1) Post jobs on relevant sites; make a list of interested and qualified applicants.

2) Fill jobs for open positions, work with the IT consultant to ensure they have all equipment needed for the job.

3) Manage our contractor needs to ensure we have every position needed filled with the right contractors.

You'll manage a list of all applicants on a Google Doc spreadsheet, have to contact them, hire them, and walk them through the initial hiring and set up process.

You can work your own hours and make your own schedule for this job. It's work from home so it really doesn't matter when the job is done each day, just as long as it is done.

It may start off as a part-time to full-time position the first couple weeks and then move into an as needed position once all jobs have been filled.

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