Detailed Schematics to CAD rendering

Detailed Schematics to CAD rendering


Job Description

Thanks for taking the time to consider this project. We have a set of detailed schematics that we need converted into an AutoCad or Solidworks model.

There are approx 20-25 pieces involved in the design, HALF OF WHICH ARE COMPLETED, and with each uncompleted piece having precise measurements provided. I have included a link to an image showing the schematics/measurements SIMILAR to those that will be provided. I can also provide an short video of what the parts look like in real life, while in movement.

We had hired a CAD designer to complete this project and although he modeled the majority of the elements correctly, many were not. However, we learned a lot along the way of what we are looking for during this project.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please let me know.

NOTE: Once we receive time/cost quotes from the few designers we have inquired with, we will make our selection. Our decision will NOT be based primarily on price, although that is a factor. Our decision will be based on the skill of the designer who can produce a working, accurate CAD model AND an animated example of the assembly working through it's function.


1) Accurately rendered CAD assembly based on detailed schematics

2) An accurate animation of the assembly (the animation is essentially the parts of the assembly moving together)

3) A life-like representation of the final product (we will provide examples/direction on texture, colors, etc.)

Please note, the purpose of this project is to rebuild a classic firearm from modern components - replacing the rusted, broken and aged pieces with new ones. If you have any aversion to working with firearms, please do not bid on the job.

Thanks again,