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Job Description

Use web to research specific information requested based on company project needs. Typical work is populating fields in a spreadsheet.

Requirements: Fluent in English, can work under pressure, responsive - sometimes frequent communication is needed, completes work quickly with few errors (typos), interested in this work over several months

If you are really interested, please complete the short skill test below and return as quickly as possible.

In the attached spreadsheet there are 4 possible tests, choose one and complete it as much as you can using the instructions below. YOU WILL NOT BE PAID FOR THIS WORK UNLESS YOU ARE HIRED.

Google Web Research: Looking for Name and Email Address
Find Name
Copy record from spreadsheet including company and title
Paste company and title into Google search bar
Search to find associated name – and email if available
If so, capture in spreadsheet

Find Email Address: First Attempt
Paste first name, last name and company into Google search bar
See if an email comes up on first page
If so, capture in spreadsheet

Find Email Address: Second Attempt
If the email address is not on the first page from the first attempt, do following search:
Paste first name, last name and company into Google search bar
Use search results to verify it is the right person (same name, company)
If so, do a Google search for company name only
Go to company site to find any email with suffix ‘@companyname.com’
Take suffix and Google it “@companyname.com” to find any example email addresses for employees
Determine the way the company represents email address (such as Joe Black who works at McDonalds could be joe.black@mcdonalds.com or jblack@mcdonalds.com or joeb@mcdonalds.com)

Put target person’s name into same format and paste into Google to confirm it is correct

Thank you!

Skills: english, research

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