Drawing space shooters is your passion: First task Space Turrets


Job Description

If drawing space ships & turrets is your passion this is a fun job for someone :)

First task - Guns:

Laser Gun:
3 Different Laser guns (3 upgrades in game)
3 Layers in every gun for a simple shooting animation (can be as simple as in example file, one layer more bottom after shooting)
Turret part & Gun part in different files.

Plasma Gun: Same than laser gun -> 3 Different upgrades - 3 Layers in every gun&turret

Rocket Launcher - 3 Different turrets, no gun files needed:

Here are a examples of current version graphics:

2-3 different lasers:
2-4 different plasma balls:
1-3 different rockets.

Examples are in retro style, looking for something more modern for iPad retina screens :)

And more tasks coming after this one (asteroids,space station,etc)