Java/Android developer to implement signal processing algorithm

Java/Android developer to implement signal processing algorithm


Job Description

Hello, Android developers! Are you bored of all those job descriptions that say "I want to create the next game changing social network app"? Me too.

We want to pay to work on a GPL open source project!

It will be work for hire, but your name will appear as a contributor in the source code. When you're done, you'll be able to show your friends and future clients what you did - and point to your name in the source code.

And it's technically challenging! We're not going to have you pushing pixels around on screen to match our mock ups. No, no, no - you're going to help us implement a tricky algorithm that decodes patterns of data from the Android audio stream. This is an application that will power the world's first universal plug and play Android sound dock. Every time you see one on the stores of the shelf, you can tell your friends that you helped make that. We're not trying to mimic other applications - we're inventors and we're truly innovating. Wanna help?

We already have the dock. We already have the app. We already have an early version of the signal processor. We want to improve it. We've worked with industry experts to come up with a better algorithm. We have the pseudo-code and we'd like you to turn it into something real.

Skills required:
* Excellent Java and Android experience.
* Excellent algorithmic, analytical, and troubleshooting ability. This job is primarily an algorithm implementation - there is no GUI work involved.
* Using the Android tool chain, including Eclipse, debugger, and Ant.
* Git and GitHub.
* Good communication skills. We will regularly want to discuss things over email, IM and Skype.
* Knowledge of automated testing techniques.
* Ability to work in existing code bases.
* Aptitude to learn-new-stuff when needed.

What the job requires:
* Getting up and running with the existing code.
* We'll provide you with sample data and expected results. You may need to change the code to allow you to test.
* Implement the algorithm from the pseudo-code.
* Test the algorithm.
* Document your work.
* Tweaking and tuning, as we adjust the algorithm.

Remember this code will be open source, so lots of people will see it, with your name in it - write code you're proud of, and then brag about it :).

There will potentially be a few follow on projects to this work, if you're interested in working with us more.

Please mention any skills or past projects of interest in your cover letters. I expect the job will take about about a week.

We'd like you to start work on this immediately. We'd also like the work to be transparent and incremental, with daily progress reports. I will be available to review your code and work through issues.

Good luck applicants! I look forward to working with you.

Skills: troubleshooting, test, android-sdk, android-development