Website Project Adviser

Website Project Adviser


Job Description

I would need an expert in Wordpress template developer and PHP. Being able to communicate without any problem in english and understand the needs of your client.

I need you for a live-chat call over Skype. I will explain my needs (wordpress template) per the mockup that I've attached to this post.

Your role will be to advise me on the following:
- How much time it would take to create a wordpress template for an Wordpress Coder (from the explanations I will give you)
- Steps when hiring someone who fits the job (Any security advises I might not know already)
- If you think it would be better to start from scratch or if you already know a template that fits my need and hire someone to work on it
- Other things you might think of that I should know... :)

If you are interested for this quick-job as an adviser, please apply and start your application with these words in your response: Bonjour J-F

This is a small one-time task but it could lead to a long term work relationship.

Thank you

Skills: english, live-chat

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