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Job Description

Can someone give me a price on fixing a couple of things i have a site phpfox know as I have set as many standards as i could on the site.
Send me over someone that can fix this upload issue i have it set to activation on email to registar i do not know how they are getting in. Unless they are spoofing me with a one megapixel photo and registaring can we set a fix or toos this socializegroup in the over on bake becasue i was robbed on that fox software.
I am also going to haver to fix they juist sold me a copy that is not working i am looking for help although i have to get this site working first before i do any customization can anyone tell me what i need to do to get the source code from them. Is it decrypting the admin area. Tell me what else i need to decrypt to get my software so we own it not them there tech support stinks.
I need good programmers.