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web research


Job Description

You must have excellent English speaking skills as you will be require to speak verbally with me on skype on a regular basis to receive instructions. Skype chat is not acceptable.

You need to be able to have problem solving thinking.

The task is to find online, video home study programs, how to educational video programs (dvd), comedian dvd's. eg. a stand up comedy show of at least 1 hour in length, and also how to video tutorials that are in a series or collection.

The individual video or set of short tutorial videos should amount to at least 1 hour.

You then need to find out the contact information of the creator / owner of these dvd's. By owner I mean the person who owns the rights to that intellectual property. By contact information I mean names, addresses and where possible a phone number.

You will also be required to research online publishers in certain niches that have large numbers of fans, followers. You will then obtain contact information beyond email address where possible. eg. physical address, phone number

Thanks for reading my job post adn I wish you success in your business,
Leanne Wooster

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