Need an Expert "Guru" Marketing Expert to Create the "Copy" for my new marketing website


Job Description

Hi guys, so my main "focus" is my writing, i'm an expert at creating compelling stories and articles that i believe will have tremendous value to my readers...however i believe that as good of a marketing expert as i am that writing your "own" homepage copy is like a lawyer defending himself in court "it doesn't work" i'm looking for someone who will listen to me tell my story truthfully, and create a "compelling vision through words" for my new website. Here are a few "rough" examples of the "type" of copy that i would be looking for:

I'm looking for someone who has done this before on a "large-scale" level, and who has a proven track record of experience in delivering quality.

If you don't have any "examples or samples" to send me please don't bother replying.

Essentially i need for someone to "create my truthful story" with me like "one lawyer defending another in court."

Your english needs to be "top par" and you need to be proven...