Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Value Forecasting

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Value Forecasting


Job Description

I've got what I think is a very cool project that runs against the grain of how the
entire real estate industy values its properties, and perhpas you may have an
interest in working with my team.

Attached is a moderately detailed description, but I have much more data to
release if we form a working relationship.

Essentially I am valuing real estate based not on the physical criteria the industry
does, but on emotional triggers each home presents. It's pretty complicated but
we've had good success in valuing properties using this system via a rudimentary
curve fitting spreadsheet. Your AI will do much better.

First we'll be using a regression analysis to hopefully disprove the correlation of
standard valuation characteritics. Then we'll be using a model of your creation
to bring my valuation concepts to life.

Please take a look at the attached PDF, then let me know if you have interest.

thanks for your time.

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