Custom Bulk Image Creation Needed, One Piece of Text Replaced

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need to ability to create ~50,000 images by running a script, process, etc.

I would have two files: a template file (.psd) and a list file (.txt, .xlsx, or anything really file type). The list file would contain 50,000 surnames. I would want 50,000 .PNG files generated. The only item that would be replaced in the image is the surname text.

Please download the files at the following URL to see an example.

A) I must have the ability to define the area in which I want the surname to be placed

B) The surname should fill as much of the area as possible without going outside of the area.

C) The surname must always remain on one line

D) Each of the PNG files should be have a file name corresponding to the surname it contains

E) I need to be able to perform this process myself on my PC with instructions you provide. Photoshop CS6 is the preferred means, but any reasonably priced program is adequate.

F) If 50,000 iterations creates memory problems, it is acceptable to do this in 5 sets of 10,000.

G) The PNG must have a transparent background.

If you have any questions/clarifications, please ask.