Photoshop Expert, Talented Graphic Artist, Animation Know-It-All, etc...


Job Description

I'd be highly interested to be in the comic or illustration area (specially comic). However, I can be very flexible style-wise and work from advertisng to children's books ilustration.
In terms of academy, I've studied in several universities here in Barcelona;
Life Drawing in Reial Cercle Artistic
Experience of Drawing in Escola de la Dona
and I've learnt Academic Fundamentals in Universidad de Barcelona, de Bellas Artes.
I also practiced Life Drawing for almost one year in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I approved my Art A-Level with an A in the British School of Barcelona.
I have received several positive comments/feedback from popular and renowned artists, and in the case of Oscar Grillo and C.B. Cebulski (Marvel Editor) their opinions were expressed during a meeting.
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