Facebook Groups - Get Entire List with Metadata

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I would like PHP software to interact with Facebook to get an entire CSV list of an "Open" or "Public" Facebook group.

- Develop in PHP
- Assumes I'm logged into Facebook from client side. May (if needed) log into Facebook from the server side.
- Input full URL into webpage, submit, processes it at the server and then the page sends CSV file.
- CSV file contains as much as possible: first name, last name, current city, email1, email2, User ID, and phone number (if any)
- Circumvent the 500 person Facebook limit, if any
- develop on your own server, then allow me to transfer it to my server after payment
- provide support via Skype to insure successful transfer to my server. Use variables appropriately so as to make transfer to my system simple.
- avoid the use of MySQL
- test your software on Chrome
- test your software for groups with less than and more than 500 members.
- use your own login credentials. Allow for variables to allow me to replace my own credentials after implementing it on my server.

Skills: facebook