Sales Manager for Online Store

Sales Manager for Online Store


Job Description

I need someone who has previous experience finding products to sell on Ebay which will make a decent profit. It is NECESSARY to have had an ebay store in the past or currently work with one. The individual must know how to research for products which will make a good profit using online tools and they must have done so in the past. They must have good communication skills and be able to communicate with me and with wholesalers/manufacturers. Products are to be sold both on my ebay store and on my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

In your reply to me answer the following questions:

1. What past experience have you had with locating products to be sold online?
2. What is the website were the products sold on (be specific)?
3. What responsibilities did you have in that role?
4. What success did you have and why?
5. What tools do you traditionally use to research for saleable products and how much experience do you have with those tools?
6. How are you a better candidate for this job than other candidates?

ALSO: Post the phrase "I read this to the end" at the front of your response to me so I know that you are a serious applicant.

Skills: ebay, yahoo-store, import, research

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