Creative Article and Email writing

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I would like someone to write content for Linked In to attract the most attention to my website. I am inviting up to 10 people to write one article. I will pay $15 for each of the 10 articles with no less than 600 words. Whoever of the first 5 gets the most viewing will be permanently hired.
My website is:
The articles need to focus on any and all areas of property and casualty insurance claims industry. Examples it can be any one of the following or anything within the area of insurance claims industry:
1. Commercial Auto
2. Commercial Property (buildings)
3. Construction Defect (A good one is defining the work product exclusion of the policy)
4. Intellectual Property (What everyone should know)
5. Social Media and claims investigations
6. Special Investigations
7. Environment Claims
8. Claims Handling: How to:
a. Tips for an effective recorded statement-I have some material to share
b. Empower your workforce to be the best-I have some material to share
9. ???? open for more
10. Any type of claim that could be presented to the insurance company for consideration.
11. Past , present, and future trends of how claims are handled (trends of technology through time, the face to face interaction with adjusters in your community to talking to someone across the country and sometimes the world )
This is NOT INSURANCE AGENCY SALES. It is the claims side of the industry after the policy is sold.

Step 1. Please Research the site
Step 2. View forums and/or website to familiarize yourself with the subject matter/company/products/services. This will inspire the topic you come up with. MUST BE NEWSWORTHY AND NEWS SOURCE MUST BE NO MORE THAN 14 DAYS OLD.
Step 3. Identify the target audience/ a persona (attached) and come up with a topic that would be relevant and useful to them (but do not duplicate any topics on the site!) In this case it is insurance companies and independent adjusting companies as well as the trades that support them when there is an insurance claim presented.
CITATIONS: All sources used must be cited appropriately (“According to…” with the source link WITHIN THE TEXT HYPERLINKED!) Private or international blogs are not appropriate to cite/quote.
STYLE: Narrative article should be at least 600 words, written in the style of a news brief. (Feature and benefit analysis is acceptable provided the positive and negative aspects are given equal weight.)
TARGET AUDIENCE: We are looking to engage all insurance claims professionals and the trades that support them. Because these audiences have a varying degree of knowledge about the topic, the articles need to be written for a general audience.
COMPLEXITY: The writer should assume that the reader is somewhat familiar with the topic. Items should be informative for intermediate and advanced professionals. All acronyms and jargon terms should be defined upon first reference.
TITLES: Please create your own original, SEO-friendly title that reflects the main topic of the news brief.
SEO INSTRUCTIONS: Please include at least 1 keyword from the associated keyword list provided. No keyword stuffing please.
TIPS: Our news briefs should provide timely information – please do not report on trends that are more than a week old. You may use press releases, other news sources (Forbes, Washington Post, etc.), wire services and mainstream blogs (techcrunch, Huffington Post, Mashable, etc.) As sources, but we are not expecting investigative reports or breaking news.

Pick from the list above or give me an idea what you would like to write on first. Sorry I am very new at this but found the above on the web as recommendations for creative writing so here it is applying to this matter.

Let me know if you are interested and I will hire for the email and web marketing content writer

Skills: research, analysis, marketing