JAVA / GRAILS / MySQL Bulk Importing Hacking Challenge

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

This is a test job for a long term collaboration. In this a assignment your goal is to create a java or groovy library that must integrate with a GRAILS project. This library has the purpose of importing CSV files into the data model attached in PDF (2 PAGES LONG). The importing workflow and how the data in the CSV file is mapped to the tables in the database is also described in the PDF file. Our goal is to be able to import typical CSV files with 300K rows x 5 columns in the fastest possible way while complying with the data validation requirements.
In order to apply to this job you should know to answer:

a) How fast do you think your library can go?
b) How long will you take to write the library?
c) What will be the strategy that you will use to achieve such setup?

In case you have questions, please put them in your application and I will call you for an interview where we can discuss it and you can show your answers for this problem.

All the very best,

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