Coffeescript to render JSON data with a Swig template


Job Description

Write a command line tool in (literate?) coffeescript to to render JSON data with a Swig template, and make it publicly available as 'swig-shell' on github under an MIT license.

The main task is in combining ready-made, existing modules into a working shell program. We are actually looking to find team members for continuous, long term development tasks; this task is meant to evaluate and qualify potential hires and is also as a way for you to evaluate us as your client.

Deliver an npm package, complete with

- documentation showing travis build status
- package.js incl. dependencies etc
- test cases (using should.js)
- .travis.yml
- Makefile

The tool is going to be publicly visible _and_ will be used in production, so please make it so that you're proud of showing off your coding skills.

If you apply, I'd be very curious to hear your opinion on what the best module for command line options parsing is, and why?

render JSON data with a Swig template file (see; output goes to

### Usage
swig [options] template

### Parameters
template - template file name

### Options

-?, -h, --help print usage + help options
-f, --file <filename> read JSON data from the file specified; if -f is omitted, use stdin
-o, --output <filename> write output to the filename specified; if -o is omitted, use stdout

Skills: make, json, shell-scripting

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