Convert excel spreadsheet into desktop application

Convert excel spreadsheet into desktop application


Job Description

I am looking for an experienced programmer to convert an excel spreadsheet into a desktop application that is mac and PC compatible, or possibly a hosted solution if that will be easier for my clients to use.

The spreadsheet asks a series of questions - mostly text-based answers and ratings scores. I want this to be converted to an application that takes the user through the questions one at a time, with space for answers and ratings.

Once finished, the answers need to be automatically compiled into a single document that can be saved and printed.

I dont know what language you need for this type of program, or whether a hosted solution would be easier - please describe in your application your recommended method and why you would recommend it as the solution.

Also include the words "I Program" at the beginning of your application so I know that you have fully read this description.

I would like this project completed as quickly as possible so please give an indication of when you can start as well.

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