Ecommerce site to sell digital content

Ecommerce site to sell digital content


Job Description


I'm looking for someone to build a landing page to sell digital content.

I a quick and simple page to test the market (see if the product will sell) the cheaper and quicker the better!

I'm looking for 3 things:

(1) The site needs to work like:
(allow people to purchase digital content)

(2) The site needs have a theme ( colors and font etc) like:
(I don't need sliders or anything fancy at first. Just a clean simple look)

(3) Great SEO (A top hit when searching "rentmamager"
(I'll make a list of some more key words)

Please answer the following questions in you bid:

1) Estimated hours or total budget cost
2) how soon can you get the site to go live?
3) Will it be difficult for me to add new products? ( I'm good with software and can manipulate segments of html, etc. but don't want to spend a lot of time.)

Thank you!

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