Multi-factor ANOVA (MANOVA) with SPSS - evaluate data and report findings

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

I am working on the analysis of three experiments with three separate datasets. The datasets are small (Exp 1: N= 144, Exp 2: N=64, Exp 3: N=144). Two are in a 2x2x2 factoral design, one is a 2x4 design.

In addition to the 5 independent (factorials), there are up to 5 dependent variables in each experiment. Each DV must be evaluated separately.

I have the data in SPSS format and have done some of the MANOVA, obtaining the interaction effects. I am looking for someone to either perform the analysis or evaluate my findings and ensure my analysis is correct. I also need some simple SPSS plots to show any findings.

I prefer to work with SPSS. Specifically, you should have some familiarity with
MANOVA and PLOTS in SPSS. They should have experience with writing. They need to be available between now and next Tuesday. Deadline is next Tuesday.

1. Dataset in SPSS format
2. My written analysis so far (can be used or scrapped)

You will be expected to provide the following:
1. SPSS Syntax files
2. SPSS output files
3. Your analysis on the findings, in clear concise writing.

I can pay with an hourly rate if it is reasonable.

This is not a data entry position. If you are not familiar with SPSS or the interpretation of main an interactive effects using ANOVA using clear concise terms, this position is not for you.