Need a script / bot to automate windows job (windows automation)

Need a script / bot to automate windows job (windows automation)


Job Description

We are an E Commerce company that have specialized business sites ranging from online stores, electronic recycling sites, B2B marketplace sites, etc. Recently we need someone who experienced making an automation script for windows

Job Description:
We need very simple script that can let us do windows automation job (open app, click this and there, send keystrokes, etc) that can be done manually. But the challenge is, the script still need to be running even no user logging in the windows. We will use this script on remote-PC (Windows 2008 server), and the script need to be running even if no one accessing the server (like RDP). There will be mouse click involved, so this will be challenge too with non-attended/no logging in/non-interactive mode windows. You are free to use simple software like autoit/winautomation/autohotkey as long it can run perfectly. OR if there's no way except to create auto-login (like loginexpert), I need you to help me setting up all of that too.

General Workflow process that script need to do:
1. open some windows applications
2. Click here and there and wait until it the application finished processed
3. open notepad to do some edit (keyboard strokes will do it)

Job requirements:
Expert in making Windows automation

Anyone interested, answer this question :
1. Give me all your past experience creating windows automation script/bot ?
2. How long do you think you need to create this ?
3. How you will charge me and at what rate ?

Anyone that applying the job without answering the question will not responded.