Financial Analyst wanted for Research on Royalty Investment Streams

Financial Analyst wanted for Research on Royalty Investment Streams


Job Description

I need someone with a backgound in personal finance, financial analysis, financial-accounting, investment research, and/or stock-management to conduct research on the "Mainz Income Stream", and write a financial analysis report indicating whether or not an individual or group of individuals can make a significant profit from royalty investments.

Job steps:

1) I want a financial analyst/investment analyst to listen to the web ad for "Mainz Income Stream" at

2) Then, read the two Mainz Income reports listed below:

- Research Report #1 – Oil and Gas Royalties: The Real Secret to Generating Huge Returns in America's Petroleum Markets

- Research Report #2 - A Royalty Investment Everyone Should Own

3) Conduct whatever follow-up research necessary to grasp a firm understanding of the Mainz Income Stream and royalty investments in general.

4) Afterwards, write a concise analysis of their findings, focusing on 5 key questions:

* Can signficant income be generated from the Mainz Income Stream?
* How much money would you have to invest to generate a substantial return on investment from the Mainz Income Stream?
*What specfic steps need to be taken to begin participating in Mainz Income Stream royalty investment vehicles?
*Beside Oil & Gas, what other royalty investments seem promising in terms of significant returns on investment?
*Are royalty investments a good investment vehicle for a new wealth creation club?

The analysis and the written conclusions must be kept strictly confidential. I will be asking the person who accepts this project to sign a confidentiality agreement, binding them not to share their conclusions with others.

Finally, I will provide further clarification if the instructions are not clear on what I want to accomplish.

Thank you.