Web Development

Web Development


Job Description

Hi there,

I am the CEO of HowHeAsked.com. We feature marriage proposal stories but want to provide more services to our readers, above content. Currently, our site is built on Wordpress. I am looking to build 3 products:

1. Ring Directory: http://wedding.theknot.com/engagement-rings.aspx
Here are the components:
-- Database of engagement rings
-- Search functionality
-- Ability to have sponsored businesses (brands)
-- Affiliate or CPC tracking

2. User submitted posts
Right now, I get sent copy and photos and then I put them into a wordpress post. I use formstack: http://howheasked.com/submit-your-proposal-story.
Instead, I would like users to sign in, upload their story, photos and video, make the post look pretty themselves, and then press submit. I would need to approve the post and then it would go live.

3. Crowd-sourced forum
I want to build a forum for discussion, where people can ask a question about their proposal idea and then other men can comment and vote. Here is an example: http://hetexted.com/