C# and IIS Experianced Developer Needed

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Job Description

The Problem we have:
We are currently having an issue where our web application is eating up a ton of memory in IIS which eventually causes it to crash.

This web application is mostly HTML and uses C# APIs. We have ran diagnostics on the app pool that hosts this server, and it appears as though system.string is eating up 5+ GBs of memory.

To temporarily “fix” the problem, we set the app pool to recycle once it hits 10 GBs. That said, it has made our web application unreliable.

We have the 16 GB process dump and we have some debug diagnostic reporting.

We are looking for someone who is familiar with C#, APIs, and IIS to come in and help us solve this problem quickly.

How to apply:
To be hired for this engagement, we’ll first need to know how you would approach this problem and what you believe certain culprits are.

We don’t have the time to waste on someone learning on the fly or without a plan. We need someone who has a plan, so when you apply, please let us know how you diagnose the problem and what potential fixes you see making.

Note that if you are successful at this gig, there might be able to work out a long term engagement

About us:
We are an established oDesk 5.0 rated company with many successfully completed projects and several opening available. This can be a fast job with good pay or a long term position based on your needs.