Automatic Posting Plugin with Spinning Variation

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Job Description

I am looking for someone to create a plugin for Wordpress. PHP programming knowledge necessary.

The plugin will need to be able to create and publish a post in each category in Wordpress. The plugin will also need to be able to access the list names in my category file and automatically create a post for each category until it is finished. Also, the plugin needs to be able to include the name of the category in the post which it is creating by calling it through something like %categoryname% - and the ability add that into the post and post title. .. It also needs to associate itself with the category in question..

For instance, if I had 300 categories, with names like England, France, Germany, Pakistan, India, Australia.. I want to be able to go into the autopost plugin editor and type into the fields something like:

TITLE: If you want to travel to %category% then read this post.

BODY: Have the need to go to %category% but dont have the money? then you should......

META DESCRIPTION: Travel to %category% using our website which.....

TAGS %category% offers, %category% deals,

and it will then automatically create a post over and over until each category name is successfully posted and associated WITH that category.

In order to know that you have read and understand all of the requirements of this job, applicants must post "I can make auto poster" into their reply or I will not respond..