Project management, recruiter, get the job done and never drop the ball

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I am looking for someone to bring onto my team to help me with project management, perhaps some VA work as well.

* Excellent english skills
* Ability to hire correct people for the job (based on my restraints) on my behalf to get project done (after I make you part of my agency)

* Ability to use and suggest project management strategies, knows what velocity is, able to create reports, recognize lack of resources, and make sure the project completes on time, or if not able to complete on time, tell me as soon as possible.

* Never dropping the ball. Always making sure the project is moving forward, or contacting me right away for any hangups

Have you ever dealt with Agile or Waterfall methodologies? Any other methodologies? What are your thoughts on them?

Are you comfortable working with tickets and bug tracking software?

Have you ever made any estimates/proposals?

How about business requirements documents?

Technical requirements documents?

* Ideally this person has experience with web and mobile project management
* Bonus: experience with being a generic virtual assistant for other random tasks
* Bonus: web development or mobile development skills
* Bonus: content writing for blogs or social media

Skills: velocity, english, management, agile