Hightly Skilled Senior Magento Programmer

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Job Description:
Permanent position to help develop for our Magento rental extension company: https://www.rental-e-commerce-software.com/. You should review our tour > screencast and manual to see what it is we do. Make your bid your hourly rate for working 20 - 40 hours per week. You must be a highly skilled Magento developer to apply for this job.

Please answer the following on your applicatin following the same numbers in your replies:

1) Required: Can you be online at least 4 hours during the USA workday (GMT - 6) during 8am - 5pm?

2) Describe your most complex or difficult Magento tasks and Modules you have created, If you can attach screenshots to show parts of the project or code samples please.

3) Required: Are you experienced with basic Linux command line? Please describe experience.

4) Required: Are you experienced with basic GIT? Please describe experience.

5) How would you rate your spoken English out of 1 - 10? (10 is a native english speaker)
How would you rate your written English out of 1 - 10?

6) Preferable: Have you written any Unit tests for your Magento modules? What Unit Test framework did you use?

7) What tools and methods do you use for planning out your Magento projects? (mockups, db designs, file tree, etc.)

8) What PHP IDE editor do you use?

9) How do you debug your Magento modules?

10) Preferable: Can you integrate PSD designs into Magento?

11) Required: Can you handle complex EAV database tables in Magento like doing Inventory centers modules?

12) Preferable: Are you Magento Certified? Please link us to your certification URL

13) When can you start (sooner the better)? How many hours can you dedicate to our projects per day? Per week?