Calling all CMS Experts, Back-End Gurus and Front-End Ninjas.

Calling all CMS Experts, Back-End Gurus and Front-End Ninjas.


Job Description

We're a global company, with hubs several countries including USA, UK, China, Asutralia, etc. Working with high-profile clients and using cutting edge technology we need the best developers to create award winning websites.

We are interested in forming long term partnership, both front-end and back-end are needed. If you have CMS experience it's a plus. We're in need mostly of ASP.NET developers that can build efficient back ends, that can be used by a variety of clients. Knowledge of JSON, XML, REST and SOAP is a must. And front-enders that can impress us building amazing websites for the newest browsers but that can aslo fall back graciously for older browsers (yes, i'm talking IE7 here).

In a smaller scale we're also looking for Node.js and php developers.

We offer competitive rates, and if you prove yourself useful, paid trips and visa sponsorship to any of the hubs if you're interested in working locally. We're looking for high quality developers, that can estimate times accurately, keep in touch while working and deliver what was agreed.

We're looking for people to start working as soon as possible, that can offer at least 20 hours a week. Please in your application state if you are a front ender or a back ender, and describe if you have cms experience. You will not be considered if you do include those two pieces of information.

Looking forward to hearing from you all

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