Rebuild FBX model

Rebuild FBX model


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I'm looking to have this done. Please let me know if you understand, are capable of completing the task and your cost and turn around time.

I'm looking for someone to rebuild models for us. We typically receive Nurbs based 3D models from our clients who are generally architects. We are looking for someone who would be able to rebuild the models exactly but as a high quality quad polygon models.

I've attached a sample model of a stadium model that we have received from a client in the past. This would probably be one of the more difficult models that we would have as most of our stuff is orthogonal. What we would want would be a complete rebuild of the stadium preferably quad polys. It does not need to be a low poly model, in fact we would prefer a more accurate model than less polys. Final format of fbx, or dwg, or .max--something easily importable to 3ds max.

Please price the attachment and send and questions you have.

Thank you,

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