Sr Software Engineer/Seo Site Manager


Job Description

» Significant abilities in carrying out analysis; finding gaps in process as well as devising a road map for enhancing various applications.
» End-to-end development of software products from requirement analysis to cost benefit analysis, solution architecting, and project execution methodologies.
» A project executor with demonstrated exposure in full life-cycle implementations with skills in planning, executing various Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) projects in compliance to quality standards.
» An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Strong analytical, problem solving & organizational abilities. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude
» Extensive experience in the development of SEOs, E-Marketers and SEO Researchers.
» Highly proficient in SEO software and tools, with a strong knowledge of web analytics.
» SEO Manager CV: Former job titles include SEO Manager, SEO Pro, SEO Expert, SEO Guru, SEO Consultant, SEO Specialist, Ad Words AdSense Expert and Ad Words Specialist.
» A major player in the USA, UK and Worldwide SEO( German, Russian, SEO Manager CV)
» Integration of Social Networking (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, blogger, Payment Gateways) on LAMP Stack Server.
» Generating Print, Email and PDF facilities for user-friendly customers and clients.
» Conduct coding for new development, bug fixes and client modifications.
» Develop PHP-MySQL unit test plans along with conduct unit as well as string testing.
» Provide assistance to support and sales personnel with issue troubleshooting.
» Prepare and modify MySQL tables as required.
» Provide database and code optimization recommendations.
Support with server monitoring.
» Interact professionally with QA with respect to test code changes.
» Comply with code standards.
» Execute all PHP-related projects technical aspects like design, deployment, development, project documentation and product maintenance.
»Storage of a portfolio of images, including the ability to select for social viewing
» Ability to sort on different dimensions, such as event or favorites
»Ability for users to vote on photos based on Facebook ‘Likes’
»Admin will need to be able to change entire background for any page
»Ability to remove pictures from galleries that are offensive
»Should have captcha & other standard features

Skills: linux, analysis, facebook, linkedin, twitter, pdf, test, qa, design, captcha

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