Talented artist creative mind for screenprinting and graphic artist

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Job Description

I need a artist to design me some characters and in a vector formatt as il be screenprinting these for t shirts jerseys etc, I need to create my logo which I have the name

I want a Steve Erkle look alike not the same but someone similar for my t shirts and I have a lot of sayings for him with different expressions !
Google Steve Erkle and you'll know what I mean!

I want to be funny and cheeky with my stuff, no swearing or anything as im a Mormon but I like to push my limits a bit and pull characters out that no one may have the balls to!! haha

Like for my baby/kid range, I want a kid picking his nose
than I want a kid that has picked his or her nose with a big boggie on it ready to want to lick it ! haha u know like what real kids do

I want a funky kid on a skate board with dreads and the kid is a maori new zealand looking kid with caramel dreads and green eyes, look up maori halfcast looking kids on google or else i'l email u some images

I want a person and kid with braids in its hair as one of my characters,

ok man my brain is going faster than I can type!! hahah soo exciting man!!

some of these sayings might just be stand alone sayings just on there own with my lable GeeWahz in the top right corner , I need geewah designed too

the saying is (Shes worth every penny!) and I want a blonde bimbo looking chick with hair done, nails big boobies, long lashes

Im wanting 2 cookisland fat as ladies riding a scooter doubling each other with a big smile, and tyres near flat and the saying is "WHO THE CARE! (influence is our family from the cook islands and how they speak)

The saying is "ETTAH BAY " A fulla doing the expression of raising his eyebrow as if to say Howzit!! I'l have to send an image for u to see what im talk bout I think!

Don't mess with me my Missus is a Maori! (Just as words) but where it stands out and a bit different maybe with picture too

Who wears the gumboots a big maori chick wearing gumboots a swandrier rugby shorts and holding a shovel with big lips too ( a Maori chick is a brown New Zealander and a half carse one is one whos parents are one is dark and the other is white ok

Who wears the pareu

saying is "I grew up in the 60's with a stylie chick and or man for separate shirts, bell bottoms etc

I grew up in the 70's, right up to the 90's and whateva pictures u come up with to represent that

saying is " I LIKE MY BROWN FLAVOURS with a fine azz brown chick pretty azz




We can start off with just a few at first but potentially for the artist I could have on going work, I want quality but not expensive at all as I'm just starting out, I am open to suggestions I'm from New Zealand so I have a Polynesian feel about my work