WP site design- Ice Bar review / info niche


Job Description

I am looking for help in creating a wordpress site (or something that can be edited by novice user) which will list and review bars in a small niche - Ice Bars.

There will be about 30-40 bars, and each will have to be displayed somehow. There will be a "featured bar" which will be up front(which will hopefully be supported by selling ad space to a bar). Also looking for a map feature and bar locator closest to me type thing (shouldn't be too hard with a WP widget) which also shows address and contact for all the bars.

Also need contact page for advertising info tab

Will need custom logo designed for the title.

Also need a drink menu tab

Map tab

Has to be easy to add new bars and information while maintaining professional look

Please keep bids competitive and also give suggestions as to how to lay out the site with the 30-50 bars in the ice bar niche...examples of past work would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone