Solar PV systems designed to CBC 2010

Solar PV systems designed to CBC 2010


Job Description

I am posting this on a lark and will frankly be surprised if I can find anyone on here with the skills to get this done.

I need someone who has the knowledge to design solar PV systems to the CBC2010. The CBC is an amended version of IBC2009, so if you are familiar with designing to the IBC, you should do just fine.

These are residential scale projects, usually 1-15kW. I would prioritize a fast turn around time. (1 to 3 days).

I would be interested in people who could take on either the electrical engineering part of the design or the civil / structural engineering part of the design. If you could handle both, that would be fantastic.

Thanks for reviewing my job posting and please contact me if you are interested and we can schedule a time to chat via Skype.