Polishing up existing website

Polishing up existing website


Job Description

Please read thoroughly or it will be obvious that you are NOT the person I am looking to hire for this job.

*******When applying *********

-Please tell me how long you estimate it to take

-a ballpark idea on how you plan to accomplish each task

-how much would it cost.


my www.myadventurejobs.com website. Some of the things I am looking to have done are

#1 when employers sign up they have the option of uploading a company logo/pic but when you click on upload nothing nothing happens

#2 the background of my template washes out some button features making it hard to see them. I would really like to have them show up

#3 if you click on latest jobs a long list of jobs is displayed. Looks kind of plain and dorky so I would like to break it up between Hot Jobs, Featured Jobs, and the rest of the jobs with something like a "menu bar" that has the title of that job section and possibly a clickable action. For example Each section would only lets say display 3 jobs but when you click on the menu bar it will expand to show all jobs. Or somehting along those lines.

#4 when a new job gets posted right now I have to go into facebook and twitter and make a post directing ppl to the new job posting. I am wondering if that could be automated. Right now when I make a blog post it automatically makes a twitter, facebook, and linkedin post to let ppl know there is a new blog post. Can that be done with my joombahjobs component?

#5 Right now there is module that displays jobseekers & employers count. Can the jobseekers count be switched to start at 1201 so that it doesnt read 0 right now?

#6 At the bottom of my page it says-- Joomla! is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License. Can we change this to Amazing Jobs in Amazing places?

#7 Behind every job there is () can it be coded so that doesnt appear

#8 At the top of my website there is a slideshow of pictures that I did pay someone to fix and it was working just fine,but now for some reason its broke again and only works on the first page once again. On the other pages it initially appears and then tries to rotate to the next picture, but instead it returns back to the first picture and then turns into a grey box.

#9 Right now my jobs category on the home page if you scroll down about 3/4 the page there is a module displaying jobs by category and through the menu its an article. Is there a way to attach the module jobs category to my Jobs by category menu button? so the appearance is the same?

#10 When clicking on search for jobs on that page where there is places to type the field bar is very very small after two letters you will have to scroll back or forward to see the word you just typed. Can that be larger? And can the experience level part be removed?

How much would this cost to do?

Skills: facebook, twitter, linkedin, gnu