A-Z index for a food website

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Job Description

It all seems a bit retro, doesn’t it? An actual A-Z index on a website, when we are all now living in the future, and where the search box is king. Maybe, but there is something special about indexes, even if you don’t always find exactly what you were looking for then you will always find something else interesting.

We are running a food website with somewhere just below 300 articles at the moment, and a lot more planned articles coming.

I am looking for someone who can go through each article and add it to an A-Z index in a human logical way - not by some algorithm. Some articles will be listed multiple times, and there will be subcategories, etc.

I have started to do this myself, but simply do not have the physical time to go through all of the articles. The small part that I have managed to do will show you what I am looking for though. See here: http://porkandgin.com/a-z-index/

Budget is to be discusses, but ODesk needs me to enter something.