HMVC Codeigniter

HMVC Codeigniter


Job Description

Hi we are a webdesign company based in Cebu City in the Philippines and we are looking for Codeigniter developers who have a good understanding of HMVC. We are currently looking for developers to incorporate in our long term team, the rate is $3.50 to $5,00 per hour based on 100 or 150 hours a month or more.

You can bid for the job if you are an agency or company but don’t come and complain about the rate because we’ll not increase the rate!

As a company we’re developing our own CMS in Codeigniter we are looking for both developers who have a clear understanding of writing new code in OOP. A solid understanding of OOP is our primary concern. Your knowledge requirements for this job should be.

1. Strong knowledge of HMVC in Codeigniter
2. Good knowledge of OOP
3. Good knowledge of AJAX / JQuery / Javascript
4. Good knowledge of MySQL
5. Comfortable with HTML
6. Comfortable with XML

Please keep in mind that as an aspiring IT company we are trying to follow and implement industry standards like SVN. This means that our developers are requested to work with Assembla ( and Tortoise SVN. We are also using FTP Sandbox. If you are not aware of these tools and methods it is very important that you learn how to work with these.
In order to receive the high end rate of $5,00 we expect you to be very knowledgeable about the following:

• Reading and writing UML based documentation
• The ability to test your work and not give us work to test for you which contains obvious bugs
• Have good knowledge of Tortoise SVN (branching, merging, resolving conflicts)
• Have good knowledge of FTP Sandbox
• Have good knowledge of code commenting and script architecture
• Being able to plan the execution of a project in the planning document
• Have good verbal and writing skills in English

Furthermore you should also be very comfortable inserting your PHP script inside the HTML because alignment collapse or errors coming inside the W3C validation are not allowed and these issues will need to be rectified by you free of cost! If you are not able to maintain the integrity of the HTML when you insert your PHP coding then this job is definitely the job for you because even 5 pixels realignment is not allowed.

Please understand that we can’t pay you for training you. So if you apply for the job and then during the execution of the job you are struggling with Tortoise SVN we can’t reimburse you for spending 20 or 30 hours learning how SVN works.

Skills: test, english, training

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