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I will be starting a merchant service company in the near future. I need to have my prospective customers be able to submit an application for merchant services through my website. I will need a custom CRM software that will allow me to manage all my sales leads and also have the ability to create separate logins for outside sales reps to use as well. I've listed below the features i want to have available in the software. Please tell me if this is something you think you can do and if so what the timeline and cost would be.

-manage all my sales leads,
*schedule appointments on something that looks like the calendar setting
on Microsoft Outlook
*have several different lead dispositions to label the lead appointment (hot,
warm, cold, appointment, etc.)
-link to website
*the online application that will be submitted by prospective clients will
often times need to be edited before it is pushed to underwriting to get
approved, the application will be in xml format so i will need the ability to
open the app and make any changes to the fields that are populated on
the application such as name, date of birth, address, banking info, etc.
without disrupting the online digital signature they create when submitting
the application
*the processor that i will be submitting my deals through will have an online
application for me to use for my merchants and i will need
you to find a way to implement it to the website so they will have the
ability to sign up for the service on there first visit to the website.