recognition software needed optical character recognition

recognition software needed optical character recognition


Job Description

we have a request to develop algorithms and recognition software to make lists of items in pictures
let me know if you have experience in this area and send links to support your work your previous work may include:
Popular recognition algorithms include Principal Component Analysis using eigenfaces, Linear Discriminate Analysis, Elastic Bunch Graph Matching using the Fisherface algorithm, the Hidden Markov model, and the neuronal motivated dynamic link matching.
3-dimensional recognition
Google's Picasa digital image organizer has a built in face recognition system starting from version 3.5 onwards. It can associate faces with persons, so that queries can be run on pictures to return all pictures with a specific group of people together. has also been providing a similar feature to its users.
Sony's Picture Motion Browser (PMB) analyses photo, associates photos with identical faces so that they can be tagged accordingly, and differentiates between photos with one person, many persons and nobody.
OpenBR Open source face recognition system and research platform for biometric algorithm development.
Windows Live Photo Gallery includes face recognition
I added the above to differentiate the focus of our needs...
we avoid face and concentrate on items in the picture we are looking at

kind regards sam

Skills: software-development, analysis, research

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