Creative Writing for Film Synopsis

Creative Writing for Film Synopsis


Job Description

We have written the synopsis for the current version of our film that we will be sending out to prospective investors and other interested parties. However, our writing isn't as engrossing as we'd like it to be.

We need someone who can take our outline and turn it into an engaging, enthralling piece of literature. The readers should be captured by the story and not want to stop from the first sentence to the last line. One of the main things we're also looking for is for smooth transitions from one paragraph to the next so the whole outline has a wonderful flow to it.

We'll need three things for you to accomplished with this assignment:
1) Rewriting the 5 page synopsis (as described above)
2) Compressing said 5 page synopsis into a two page synopsis of tantamount excitement
3) Writing a 3-4 paragraph synopsis of the film that can quickly and easily draw readers to learn more about our project.

We've included the first three paragraphs of the synopsis for you to take a stab at and for us to judge your writing abilities. Also, please be sure to include samples of your work that would be relevant to a job like this.

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